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Auto Insurance

Yes, auto insurance is mandatory for your vehicle to legally be allowed on the road. Auto insurance protects your financial stability if you were to get into a collision. Our auto insurance rates are very fair and we make sure to take into account everything that matters to create the best quote for you.

About Auto Insurance

A lot can happen on the road and almost everything is unexpected. A bad accident can leave you with a damaged vehicle or very hurt and unable to deal with the consequences. Having auto insurance protects you from these major costs that could be associated with being involved in an accident. You can’t choose what the future holds but you can make sure you’re protected!  Relying on AiA has never been easier, we offer insurance plans that are made specifically for you with competitive rates. If you have any questions about our auto insurance or would like a custom quote, contact us today!

High-Risk Auto Insurance

If you’re a driver with previous convictions, claims, tickets or license suspensions – you may be considered a high-risk driver. At AiA Insurance, we won’t turn away or hesitate to provide the best high-risk auto insurance that we have to offer.

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